North Carolina Real Estate - BHHS Carolinas Realty

North Carolina Real Estate - BHHS Carolinas Realty

What Happens Now?

Now that you're under contract, this is what you can expect from now until closing:


Loan Application

  • The loan application takes approximately 3-4 weeks. Keep contract deadlines in mind. Expect to pay lender for your credit report & appraisal at time of application (approx. $350).

Home Inspection

  • Keep contract dates in mind. Order a radon inspection and lead base paint inspection if needed. Agent will help you prepare a "Request for Repairs" if needed. The seller may agree to do all, some or none of these repairs.

Closing Attorney

  • Schedule a closing date with a Real Estate Attorney as soon as possible. The attorney will conduct a title search, order a survey and prepare the deed for your property. He/she will also prepare all of the closing documents. The attorney's fee is usually $500- 600. The cost to order a survey is approximately $400. The attorney will need the names of your lender and insurance carrier.

Pest Inspection

  • The pest inspection (termite and other wood destroying insects) should be scheduled within 30 days of closing. The fee is usually paid the day of closing and costs $75 - 125.

Homeowner's Insurance

  • Set up insurance. Give insurance carrier the attorney's name and contact information.


  • Approximately 2 weeks prior to closing, you should contact the utility companies (water, wastewater, electricity, fuel heat, cable and telephone) and have service transfered to your name the effective date of closing.

Walk Through

  • Schedule an inspection of repairs 5 - 7 days prior to closing. It's a good idea to visit the house after sellers have moved or the day of closing.


  • If available, you will receive a copy of the closing statement before closing. It will indicate the amount of money you must bring to closing. Funds can be wired or brought to closing in the form of a certified check (made payable to the closing attorney's trust account). Bring an additional personal check for last minute adjustments. Bring a copy of your driver's license for photo identification.